Work from anywhere and anytime
  • With all your documents at your fingertips via integrated document management
  • Cloud based
  • Easy collaboration between staff, approvers, external accountants and auditors
  • Integrated procurement, accounting and costing functionality with many advanced features
  • Talk to a real person for any support questions you may have
Intelligent software
  • Dashboards
  • Graphical reporting
  • "Smart Icons" - Only visible when relevant
  • Future dated transaction reminders
  • Extended narations possible at transaction line level
  • Intuitive search and filtering on all screens
  • Easy consolidation of multi-companies over multi-currencies
  • Add your own internal documents like policy and procedure guides to the system for easy collaboration
Save you time
  • Create new transactions from any existing transaction in the system
  • No rigid period ends
  • Reconciliations and financial controls are expertly automated
  • Prepare transactions offline via Excel templates and import
  • Graphical menus for easy access
  • Email reports in various formats directly from any system report
Costing and Profitability Analysis
  • Easily review financial performance of any cost entity like projects, departments, events, rental items
  • Control expenditure with easy and flexible approval workflows
  • Ensure accurate processing through intelligent links between cost entity, valid accounts and user defined cost allocation codes
  • Enhance your analysis with user defined data attributes
We ensure your data remains yours
  • Secure and encrypted web access to your data
  • Reliable and flexible access controls
  • Full audit logging on who did what when
  • High availability
  • Automated daily backups
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